Sunday, February 4, 2007

more about templates + motion and week 1

I retract most of what I said last week about templates and architecture. There are templates in architecture....EVERYWHERE. Architecture is system design, relationship design, module design... template design. And it turns out I can edit these templates down to the html so my anger was misdirected. Since blogspot doesn't seem to be video friendly I imagine I will be spending a lot of time linking to a website I can control more directly anyway. Or, next week I will learn how to embed a flash animation and I will eat my words, again.

So we went ambushed some nice women at CSPAC and took some video... Tzveta and Sarah were very hospitable and enthusiastic. They were even able to, "do that exact same thing, but rotate 90 degrees." Perfect, amazing, stunning. Thank you. Thank you.

Here is what we made as a group with the traced contours. Also we took some time to edit some of the content down to one video which shows both angles and iterations simultaneously and another that overlaps both angles.

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maa said...

the white line animation is great...